Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Share your phone's internet connection, through WiFi!

CradlePoint has just introduced the PHS300, a pocket-sized unit that does the same thing—make the EVDO from a 3G-capable device, like a USB stick or compatible phone, into something you can easily connect to with any device that uses Wi-Fi. And it's battery powered. (Although it can plug into a wall, too, of course.)

CradlePoint PHS300: Pocketable EVDO to Wi-Fi Bridge


EVDOguy said...
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EVDOguy said...

For anyone interested in the PHS300, its not just for EVDO anymore.. it also works with AT&T HSDPA devices like the 875U and 881U, as well as phones like the RAZR v3xx, Q v9h and Samsung Blackjack.

Complete 3G Router Compatibility listings here:

Full PHS300 Router Review is here:

also FYI, Cradlepoint makes two other great routers:
the EVDO Experts are at