Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Best of: Jon Stewart (not on the daily show)

Here are the best videos of Jon Stewart that aren't of him on The Daily Show. Appearances on Letterman, Dennis Miller, Larry King, Crossfire and more.

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From 1945 to Google 2006: the Complete History of Search Engines

Want to know about the history of search? This article covers the search engine wars from As We May Think right through to current day Google.

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Antimatter discovery could launch new era of physics

The discovery that a bizarre particle travels between the real world of matter and the spooky realm of antimatter 3 trillion times a second may open the door to a new era of physics, Fermilab researchers announced Monday.

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Where have my posts been going?

This blog is a collection of articles I've found interesting and they all have come from However when I switched over to the beta version of blogger, all of the articles that I thought were being posted on my weblog haven't been posted. hmm.
In looking into this, it seems that digg hasn't updated their code to talk to the new beta version of blogger. So it looks like I'll be manually adding these interesting articles until digg gets their act together. :)